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Hybrid Dolly

The Tote Distribution Dolly is a lightweight & durable 4 wheeled platform that fits tote boxes, and more….

4 Wheel Dolly

The 4 Wheeled Tray Dolly is a lightweight & durable wheeled platform that fits a variety of different trays.

Dolly to Pallet

The Dolly to Pallet Consolidator is a lightweight & durable unit, allowing users to easily roll on, and roll off products….

Bakery Bread Crate Dolly

The Bread Dolly has a strong tube metal construction, it fits a range of bakery trays and crates.

Global Solutions to Merchandise Handling

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Retailquip are the Australasian partner to K.Hartwall, the largest manufacturer of returnable load carrying equipment to the retail, transport and logistics industries.

Retailquip provides sales and ongoing service for a comprehensive range of rollcages, dairy and beverage units, stillages, logistics merchandising units and material handling and display equipment.

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