Electric Tugs for Efficiency & Safety – Move loads from 50kg up to 360,000kg

Up to 2,000kg

SM100p Electric Tug

Up to 1,200 kg

MT200 Electric Tug

Up to 2,000 kg

AT200 Electric Tug

Up to 2,000 kg

Up to 6,000kg

AT200 Electric Tug

Up to 3,000 kg

ATT400 Electric Tug

Up to 5,000 kg

MT300 Electric Tug

MT Range
3,000 – 6,000 kg

Up to 20,000kg

MT300 Electric Tug

MT Range
8,000 – 15,000 kg

TMS2000 Plus Electric Tug

Semi Trailer Mover
Up to 20,000 kg

MT2000 Plus Electric Tug

Up to 20,000 kg

Heavy Duty
Up to 360,000kg

Wireless Electric Tug PS3000

Wireless Electric Tug
Up to 360,000 kg


MP Range
Up to 80,000 kg


ATP400 Range
Up to 80,000 kg

MasterMover Australia

Why MasterMover?

Manufacturer of the world’s most effective electric tugs to move wheeled loads from 50 kg up to 360,000 kg.

Our unrivalled range of compact, battery-powered electric tugs improve operational efficiency, reduce manual handling and promote lean manufacturing across many industries.

  • There are 18 standard electric tugs to choose from by performance
  • We have a dedicated UK service and global technical support team
  • Our electric tugs are designed and manufactured in the UK
  • We work to ISO9001 quality standards
  • You can use our dedicated design team to provide bespoke changes
  • We are trusted to supply respected UK and international companies

MasterMover have provided material handling tugs to major supermarkets, logistics companies, major warehouse and storage companies. We have several innovative products to move roll pallets and trolleys in a safe and efficient way. Our machines are designed to be compact and easy to use.

There are many different material handling tug applications of which all provide substantial cost savings and improved safety for your employees.

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