Postal, Parcel & E-Commerce Logistics

How does the Polly work?

The Polly has been developed as the next generation of postal / parcel distribution, ideal for eCommerce and order fulfillment. A foldable roll container optimized for manual handling operations.

It’s a pallet, where 2 folding stillages are rolled onto a pallet that locks in securely for transport.

It eliminates un-necessary sorting, and re-sorting to different destinations or zones throughout the supply chain allowing to seperate and streamline your workloads. The platform allows different product streams to be combined in a highly flexible solution resulting in major efficiency improvements in your supply chain.

The ergonomic unit also features drop down gates on each side allowing easy access for loading & unloading.

Using the associated adaptor pallet, the unit can be double-stacked during transportation providing extremely high vehicle fill both outbound and reverse logistics. Empty units can be folded and stacked 5 times more efficiently than rigid cages both in transit and storage.


Wide range of applications for different product types & variations, ideal for large volumes & Order Fulfillment.

Parcel & Postage - E Commerce Logistics - Polly Trolley - 6
Posti Polly Pallet & Adaptor - eCommerce Logistics
Parcel & Postage - E Commerce Logistics - Polly Trolley - 4
Parcel & Postage - E Commerce Logistics - Polly Trolley - 1
Polly Double Stacked on Forklift
Polly Pallet Adaptor

Available Australia Wide

Parcel & Postage - E Commerce Logistics - Polly Trolley


  • Easy and fast to assemble or fold: one person operation
  • Fully stackable when folded or assembled
  • Significantly improved vehicle cubic fill in both outbound and return logistics
  • Ergonomic unit with half drop-down gates on each side
  • Ideal for merchandising operations in retail locations where space is at a premium.

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