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Retailquip Shopping Trolley Bay System - Retail In Store Guard Railing - Post & Rail Install
Retailquip Shopping Trolley Bay System - Retail Guard Railing - Post & Rail Install
Customer Barrier System

Introducing our simple Shopping Trolley Bay, Customer Guard Rail, or Security Control Barrier System

If you are looking for a proven system to safely accomplish one or more of these tasks in your store, then your search is over. This modular guidance and traffic flow control system is already a success in many locations Australia-wide.

You might be looking to provide a specific area for the storage of shopping trolleys, one that is also easy and convenient for your customers to use. You might wish to provide simple security barriers around your cash register or checkout areas. Or you might be looking for a system that allows you to lock key areas off from public access.

For each of these tasks, our classic modular system delivers exactly the results you require. It is truly flexible, meaning it can quickly be set up in the exact configuration you require. Its lightweight, easy-clean, chrome-plated touch and look masks the real inner steel strength of these posts and rails. The steel baseplate, which is secured to the floor, is well covered in durable and bash resistant plastic. The connector cups are also plastic and feature a simple locking spring mechanism to securely hold them in place. We offer a variety of post heights and rail lengths to best suit your requirements.

Whether for store security, shopping trolley storage, or simple crowd control purposes, our lightweight yet strong modular systems are proven to deliver exactly what you need.

In Store installation only.

Features and Benefits of the Shopping Trolley Bay system

  • Allows secure storage of Shopping Trolleys.
  • Customer guidance improves security
  • Modular system allows flexibility of design
  • Guide customers where required
  • Create storage or control barriers
  • Secured to floor
  • Lightweight but strong steel rails, chrome plated for presentation and ease of cleaning
  • Protective bump wheels resist trolley damage
  • Modular system allows for flexibility of design
  • Steel Posts and rails
  • Variable height posts
  • Variable length rails up to 1750 mm post centres
  • Steel baseplate with protective plastic covering
  • Plastic connector cups with locking spring

Service & Installation | Available Australia Wide

Most clients ask our experienced and expert team of fitters to set up the installation they require, and we are happy to install it for you. We have done so in many locations and at times most convenient for those businesses, and this no-hassle service is available Australia-wide. However, if you prefer to undertake the task yourself, then we are happy to supply parts and full instructions.

The starting point is an obligation-free discussion of your specific store requirements. Contact us now by completing the details on this page and we will quickly be in touch. If you prefer, simply pick up the phone and call (07) 3490 9600.

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