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DC Repairs

On & Off Site Repairs

Retailquip offers a widespread coverage maintain all of our customer requirements for any store maintenance services required. Our services include – but are not limited to both the on and off site service, support and repair of merchandise and pedestrian operated materials handling solutions.

With our head office located in Brendale, QLD – and 4 offices throughout Australia (NSW, VIC, WA & SA), Retailquip can provide a wide range of cover to maintain all of our customer requirements.

We employ both semi and fully skilled labour to carry out a wide range of store maintenance services catering to both service and customer support roles.

Our current projects include rollcage / trolley repairs, installation and maintenance of in store post and rail pedestrian and trolley control systems, supply and maintenance of bespoke battery power pedestrian operated tug units.

Retailquip (through National contracts with major retailers and maintenance of own facilities) have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of post and rail pedestrian guidance systems, basic pallet racking systems and a wide range of basic facility repairs and store maintenance services.

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