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Tom & Richard at new Sydney Warehouse

Material Handling Equipment provider Retailquip, relocates office to Arndell Park facility

Retailquip Pty Ltd, a high quality & trusted materials handling supplier with offices throughout Australia & New Zealand, have relocated their NSW office from Smeaton Grange to Arndell Park. The new facility has greater capacity and capability to maintain it existing customer base whilst also allowing for future growth.

Earlier this week, owner Tom Hart-Davies congratulated Richard on sourcing the new facility and ensuring a smooth transition over to the new facility.

Richard Pratsch (NSW State Manager) said “….we are looking forward to the continued service of our existing customers and being able to expand the business in all areas of sales, service and general maintenance. Working on ways to continue simplifying customers supply chains with some of our brand new innovative products”.

If you would like more information on the products and services that Retailquip Pty Ltd supply in NSW, please contact Richard on 0447 049 606 or email

Basket Shelf Trolley - Warehouse 10

The Basket Shelf can make handling small or loose items much easier in Pick & Pack

The Basket Shelf is just one of our many shelving options when purchasing Roll Cages.

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They are recommended for those who own or operate retail locations, warehouses and laundry facilities however they can be used in many other commercial settings.

Working with our customers, we developed the basket shelf as an option for a variety of applications, e.g pick & pack companies find them especially useful for a variety of product lines – including health care, food, general merchandise and small or loose items.

You can easily mix & match your shelving combinations by placing several shelves in a standard Retailquip Roll Cage. The see-through mesh-style design of our heavy duty wire baskets allows you to view the contents in order to save time and simplify storage.

No alt text provided for this image Basket Shelfs are useful for Pick & Pack operations


These high quality basket shelves aren’t only used as ready display shelving, they also make it incredibly easy to transport products directly from the delivery truck to your storage area or the display room floor.

When not in use, you can easily stack the Basket Shelves together by nesting the units together (placing them on top of one another) for storage, taking up less space on your show room or warehouse floor.

For more information – visit our website or download a brochure at

Electric Tug used in Forestry Plant

2 Electric Tugs for a Forestry Supplier Company in New Zealand

MasterMover Australia

David Xu, Manager of our Retailquip New Zealand office, successfully introduced 2 Electric Tugs to a company who designs and builds forestry harvesting and processing heads.

Electric Tug used in Forestry Plant

With parts & supplies weighing anywhere from 4 to 8 tonne, Retailquip New Zealand demonstrated their MasterMover product; initially the MT400 for trial purposes and after successful testing & feedback they purchased both a MT400 and MT1200.

The MasterTug400 can easily move up to 4,000kg, and the MT1200 can also move heavy loads up to 12,000kg by push, pull or steering wheeled loads with the ability to steer through a full 180° and hydraulics that help create an incredible amount of traction.

Both David, and Kevin provided delivery onsite, as well as MasterMover training & safety instructions to staff.

Below is a quick video of the demonstration and moving the bins around the complex, without any resistance, strain and quite easily demonstrates how easily this makes the task safe, simple & quick.

Electric Tug moving heavy machinery around a New Zealand Warehouse

Rubbish Bin Mover using Electric Tug AT200

Sunshine Coast Electric Tug to move Rubbish Bin up to 2000kg

MasterMover Australia

The last couple of months we’ve received a lot of interest in our Rubbish Bin Mover that features a MasterMover Electric AT200 Tug pulling Waste Rubbish Bins up a 14 degree slope.

The AT200 is an Electric Tug safely towing loads where weight transfer is not possible, up to 2,000 kg

Mark Grindey, our National Service Manager gave another demonstration yesterday, to an apartment block on the Sunshine Coast with a fairly steep incline where the building management were facing some issues pushing up the hill and maneuvering their bins around the complex on Bin Day.

Pushing heavy Rubbish Bin

The apartment complex itself has a number of different bins onsite, and with each bin weighing about 250kg full of rubbish every week, and an incline of about 11 degrees it made moving these bins quite difficult causing a number of Health & Safety issues for the staff.

The Body Corporate wanted to see how our Rubbish Bin Mover works with our Electric Tug and so we provided a onsite demonstration showing just how easy it is to move these Rubbish Bins together by installing the coupling device & drawbar to to the Bin & the MasterMover Electric Tug.

Installing coupling on Rubbish Bin

Below is a quick video of the demonstration and moving the bins around the complex, without any resistance, strain and quite easily demonstrates how easily this makes the task safe, simple & quick.

Rubbish Bin Mover using an AT200 MasterMover Electric Tug

2000 Dairy Units Roll Cages

2000 Dairy Trolleys on Rental for Christmas Period

Could renting roll cage equipment be the future for your supply chain?

Retailquip are finding more and more that businesses are renting roll cages as an operational expense keeping them off balance sheet while keeping their requirements flexible and scalable.

An example below being 2,000 brand new Dairy Cages going out to a major Australian milk supplier, on rental for the Christmas New Year rush.

With all the Kids in Australia getting ready to put out some fresh Milk & Cookies for Santa, Retailquip was pleased to be able to help in this busy period.

2000 Dairy Units Roll Cages

The Dairy Roll Cage is a universal display unit which can be used for various different packages and products throughout the Supply Chain.

From the Factory right through to the Store front, the customer is the next person to touch the product, and can also be automated through warehousing processes.

It also serves as a universal display unit which can be used for various different packages and products.

Dairy Roll Cages in Supermarket

For more information visit or contact us at or have a chat with us on how we can help Simplify your Supply Chain.

MP400 Electric Tug Victorian Transport

2 x Electric Tugs to help Metro Trains Project

Model: MasterMover MP400 Electric Tug

Retailquip has a long association with Victorian Transport having previously supplied MasterMover electric tug movers for their maintenance facilities.

With Melbourne’s HCMT Project Delivering High Capacity Trains, the next generation seven car trains to progressively enter service from mid-2019, 65 seven car trains and two dedicated maintenance facilities will be delivered.

The purchase of 2 new MasterMover Electric Tugs (MP400), the new maintenance facilities will be using these Electric Tugs to move the boggies through the work shops so maintenance can be conducted.

MP400 Electric Tug on Rails

The MasterPusher MP400 is designed to push loads on rails.

Capable of moving loads up to 80,000kg on rails – it uses leverage to gain traction, the single operator simply positions the tug and the powerful AC drive motor moves the load.

The AC drive motor and high torque gearbox with the automatic braking system and emergency stop button ensure high safety levels are maintained.

For more information about on MasterMover Electric Tugs, visit to learn more or contact us on 07 3490 9600.

New Western Australia Office

Retailquip opens new Western Australia & South Australia Offices

It’s been a busy few weeks at Retailquip, with the recent grand opening of the Western Australia & South Australia offices opening up.

Early last week, Tom Hart-Davies, Managing Director of Retailquip headed over to Perth to officially open up its new office located at Bayswater.

New Western Australia Office

Retailquip had moved it’s office from Welshpool to Bayswater, Western Australia and now includes a fully functional warehouse.

Graham Bell (above) will be looking after all Business Development & Operations for the WA site, assisting new & existing customers with their enquiries.

“It was certainly time to better support our local customers with our new Bayswater facility” said Tom Hart-Davies.

New Adelaide Office opens up for Business…

New South Australia Office

Following from the opening of the new WA office, Retailquip was also proud to open up the new South Australia office, located in Edinburgh North.

The new Edinburgh North facility, located approximately 30km out from Adelaide’s CBD will provide a local site available for various products & materials along with servicing customers in the South Australia area.

Stephan Upton, SA Service Manager said “….I am looking forward to building up the customers and existing network in Adelaide while continuing the general service & maintenance work as the site grows”

Retailquip has been providing products & services in the SA & WA area for a long time now, but now with more stock available locally Retailquip now gives a truly national capability of servicing customers for any relation to Material Handling Equipment and Electric Tugs.

Foldia XL Roll Cage Trolley

5 Reasons how this new Roll Cage can change your Supply Chain

As always, Retailquip is constantly working and developing new products to maximize your Supply Chain, and now, the latest Roll Cage that we’ve developed is the Foldia XL, and we think it’s a really smart bit of kit.

Here are 5 reasons why

Reason #1 – MHE

What the Foldia XL does, is something that no other Roll Cage in this country has done before.

It can be used with almost any standard Material Handling Equipment, such as a Forklift, Pallet Jack, Wave Picker, etc and is lightweight and compact to suit your loading requirements making it extremely efficient AND gives any business the opportunity to improve their picking efficiency without any further MHE capital requirement.

With an Australian Footprint of 1150 x 775mm it offers optimal cubic truck fill making it ideal for all warehousing & stock picking operations, supermarkets, distribution and more.

Retailquip - Foldia XL Pallet Jack and Forklift

Reason #2 – Reduces Costs

Although the Australian standard pallet is 1/3 more of a footprint than this roll cage, there are no sides to a pallet and typically require more cost in shrink wrapping and further risk to your product being damaged in transit.

Reason #3 – Configurations

It’s got a Smart Shelf (optional) built into it, and it folds away for easy storage.

Just like the Foldia, and Foldia Plus Roll Cages, the Foldia XL folds away easily for storage and on the Foldia XL, it has an adjustable Smart Shelf where you can slide the shelf to the required height for different loading configurations.

Simply slide the shelf up & down and select the level you need for your goods.

Reason #4 – Safety

Safety plays a huge role in any business,

The design of the Foldia XL gives the operator the ability to still see over the top of the cage as they are pushing it around the store, or warehouse to ensure they do not hit any objects, people, etc. whilst keeping a maximum load to transport the goods.

Retailquip - Foldia XL looking over the Roll Cage

Reason #5 – Real Estate & Return Logistics

The Foldia XL has the smallest nesting increment than any other roll cage. It has a nesting increment of 5:1, so if your not using it in the store, you can save space and use less room for storing equipment instead.

Foldia XL nesting increment

This also means your Return Logistics is increased with more cages going back to the DC.

Contact Us for a Demo, or Trial

For more information about the Foldia XL, or for a demonstration or trial – contact us today on 07 3490 9600 or email us at

Or visit our website at

Big Box Pallet Cage in Pallet Racking

The Big Box Pallet Cage – Double the Size, but Big on Safety.

The Big Box was designed and can be used for a number of different applications.

Used extensively in line haul applications throughout Europe and now Australia, what really makes this Pallet Cage / Big Box unique is not just its space saving in warehouse & during transport but its role in OHS.

Occupational Health & Safety plays an important role in any workforce and preventing lost time injuries is always something you want to prevent.

Walking Into the Big Box

How does it improve on Safety?

By having easy access Barn Doors on either end of the unit, it allows the worker to walk in walk out from both ends for loading & unloading.

As they bend with their knees, rather than bending with their back as they would OVER the split side gates, it makes it perfect from a risk reduction point of view.

In fact the Big Box has many different loading & unloading configurations.

Big Box Smart Cube Stillage Pallet Cage

Not just side gates that swing open, but front gates also fold down allowing you to continue loading as the unit gets more full with product. It’s construction also offers double stacking and optimised vehicle fill and folds down when not in use for easy storage or return logistics. The stackability of the pallet cage enables better cubic efficiency in warehousing, storage and in transport. It’s designed to fit well onto forklifts, making for easy loading and unloading.

Big Box Pallet Cage in Pallet Racking

Product Specifications:
2293mm (L) x 1132mm (W) x 1135mm (H)

For more information on the Big Box Pallet Cage, check out our website or contact our office on 07 3490 9600 or email

SM100 Electric Tug moving Roll Cage

Victorian Beverage Chain purchases Electric Tug & Roll Cage for heavy loads

A few months ago we were contacted by a large alcohol beverage chain in Victoria that needed assistance moving their Alcohol Products.

Moving bottles of Alcohol around Shopping Centres and Warehouses can be a difficult task, and as such we provided a solution with our Roll Cages and SM100+ Electric Tug.

The SM100+ can move up to 1,200kg, and using an attachment such as the Gripping Clamp it is designed to make a solid connection to the Retailquip supplied Roll Cage.

SM100 Electric Tug moving Roll Cage

Using the Gripping Clamp it hooks onto the wire, or chassis of the Roll Cage, and grabs hold of the bottom frame. Once connected it creates an unbreakable bond between the Tug and the Roll Cage.

As Alcohol is quite heavy and as you start adding more and more weight to the cage, it can become beyond the capability of moving something safely around a store or shopping centre during the last few metres or end of the Supply Chain, so by using an Electric Tug it makes far more safe and easy, along with meeting the OHS Requirements.

Check out the video below.