General Maintenance and Roll Cage Trolley Repairs

Take advantage of our wide range of General Maintenance & Commercial property maintenance services available.

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General Maintenance Van
Retailquip General Maintenance Work Site Van

Onsite Servicing & Maintenance

Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Repairing Dairy Cages

Roll Cage Repairs

Line Marking & General Maintenance Repairs Painting

Line Marking

General Maintenance Warehouse Repairs

Pallet Racking Repairs or Maintenance

Post and Rail Repairs

Post & Rail Repairs

Store Maintenance & General Repairs

Since 2005 Retailquip Pty have been providing General Maintenance within within our customers stores, warehouses and supply chain network. As part of this process we set up state offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

As a result of our expanded service network and skills set Retailquip are happy to be able to offer a wide range of General Maintenance service based solutions within the supply chain network.

Pallet Racking Repairs, Welding, Concreting, Line Marking

From Store Maintenance in Distribution Centres to General Maintenance and repairs.

Retailquip provides a wide range of repairs and servicing.

Here’s some of (but not limited to) the things we can do.

Pallet Racking repairs, Replacement of Beams, Splicing of Uprights, inspecting Pallet Racks and reporting the damage with a quote to repair. We also do a number of Welding Jobs including supplying and fitting Bollard Barrier Welding various types, Welding repairs on GPC and Pallet Jacks/Truck.

We can install Bollards, Armco Barriers, Line Marking or Concrete Repairs, supply fit and install Trolley Bays, replace door hinges or locks, painting or installing fixtures such as Whiteboards, TV Brackets … the list goes on!

Roll Cage Repairs and Trolley Maintenance Service

On-Site Trolley Repair and Maintenance

Since 2005 Retailquip have been servicing and repairing Roll Cages and Shopping Trolleys for a number of customers around Australia.

Roll Cage Trolley Hire

Trolley & Roll Cage Repairs

We have repaired Roll Cages at a number of different onsite locations such as Distribution Centres, Warehouses, Shopping Centres – all across Australia.

Since 2016, we have serviced over 225,000+ Units across Australia with record detailing Repair History, Information, Activities, Maintenance, Replacement & Salvaged Parts across a variety of customers.

With a fleet of highly equipped service vans around Australia. We carry a large amount of Roll Cage Trolley’s and spare part’s in permanent stock with experienced and fully trained engineers.

We follow Full Health and Safety Procedures, inc. Risk Assessment and On-site modifications.

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Australia Wide Coverage

Retailquip has a wide range of General Maintenance repair staff & personnel nationally and have teams of skilled service personnel at a number of different Distribution Centres, Warehouses & Retail outlets.

We are ideally placed to carry out general maintenance work within any Distribution Centre Australia wide. Whether it be refitting cupboard doors, straightening walkway hand rails or re securing bollards in the warehouse.