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Roll Cage Mover

We've helped many customers move their Roll Cages with our Electric Tug from MasterMover

On Site Assessment & Training

Chain multiple Roll Cages together

Ideal for a variety of industries

Uphill & Downhill Control

Deliver goods faster

Move up to 2,000kg with the push of a button.

Roll Cage Mover

Moving Roll Cages can be difficult in some environments, so using a MasterMover Electric Tug, you can easily navigate safely and securely from Point A, to Point B.

Our range of Electric Tugs make it easy to move your Roll Cages with the push of a button.

Why use a Electric Tug to move Roll Cages?

In today’s demanding world – the need to maximise your workload – and at the same time pushing heavy loads or multiple heavy loads, especially on wheels can be at times difficult and depending on the environment – quite dangerous.

It can often result on a number of different Workplace Health & Safety Issues – such as Back Injuries, Sprains, Muscle Fatigue and more…

By using an MasterMover Electric Tug, you can safely minimise and overcome these areas of concern.

It is the most effective electric load mover to pull and push single, and multiple – Roll Cages throughout your environment.


✅ Powerful yet easy to use electric tug mover
✅ Dramatic reduction in manual handling
✅ Join multiple Roll Cages together
✅ Improves safety
✅ Reduces manual handling
✅ Low maintenance, high power electric tug
✅ Increases productivity

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