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The Retail Lean System

The current Australian Pallet (1165mm x 1165mm) is a system used widely across today’s Supply Chain which has resulted in low supply chain complexity and costs.

The Problem

Currently, consumer goods are produced and packaged at the manufacturer, which are then transported to a distribution centre on pallets, broken down further, and re-packaged or re-palletised to then be transported to supermarkets on pallets, where supermarkets then break down again even further – to be wheeled onto the floor using small, portable trollies, for shelf replenishment.

The result:

❌ Double or triple handling,
❌ Multiple touching and tearing
❌ Breaking down and re-stacking
❌ Wasted hours in labour and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

"...being able to separate your load into six separate units which can be wheeled onto shop floors can significantly improve replenishment"

The Retail Lean System

An innovative new piece of equipment designed for suppliers & retailers to be able to replenish fast-moving products without the need for double handling.

A Transformer Sheet is placed onto the Pallet

Goods are loaded onto the transformer pallet sheet

6 x individual Merchandise Dollies for mutli SKU

Wheels are locked into the channel to keep secure

Dollies are simply wheeled off the ramp

Wheeled straight to shelf, without any repack or breakdown

"...More efficient goods handling means savings in shelf replenishment time and staff costs"

The Solution

The Retail Lean System – converts the standard Australian Pallet to six wheeled, merchandise units.

It’s made up 3 different parts,

The first part is the Dolly,

💡 It’s can carry a variety of products; RPCs, Drinks, Milk Sugar, Promotional Items, etc…
💡 It’s lightweight, Strong with a Metal Plastic Hybrid Construction
💡 It’s got a number of clever locking mechanisms for safety.

The second part is the Transformer

💡 A Polly Carbonate Slip Sheet – that positively locks to the outside of the pallet.
💡 It locks the wheeled units into the channels to keep secure during transport.

The third part is the Pallet.

You can rack it, stack it, it’s a pallet that you use in your Supply Chain today. The beauty of combining the Dolly & Consolidator is – from manufacturing right through to Supply Chain – it’s easily converted to a wheeled unit at the point in which you want to remove it. By using something simple as a ramp, your load is now just able to be wheeled straight to the floor saving you time & labour on wasted unpacking & repacking.

The Benefits

The benefit to retailers for implementing the Retail Lean System is obvious.

✅ More efficient goods handling means savings in shelf replenishment time and staff costs
✅ Reduction in cardboard requiring recycling will be significant
✅ Reusable packaging and assisting to phase out unnecessary single use plastic packaging

The benefits also extend to manufactures & suppliers.

✅ No ongoing cost for secondary packaging (SRP) materials
✅ Less complexity for store requirements
✅ Improved service and better availability – especially FMCG.
✅ Savings to the environment (cardboard, plastic)

The beauty of this – from manufacturing right through to Supply Chain – it’s a pallet, you can stack it, rack it – it is actually a pallet. The only difference is it’s converted to dollies at the point in which you want to remove it.

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