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Food & Beverage

Drink Bottle Trays for Packing, Transport & Distribution

The Drink Bottle Tray enables fast replenishment of popular drinks from shed to shelf throughout your Supply Chain and increases your replenishment speed straight to the shop floor.

Drink & Beverage Trays

Drinks on Beverage Trays ready to be wheeled out to shelf

A variety of Beverage Trays to fit Softdrinks on Dollies

Our trays fit a variety of Drink Sizes (1.25L, 2L) etc

Convenience Stores – Mixed Food & Beverage

Picking Food & Beverage in Dispatch/Warehousing

Maximise your load to reduce multiple trips back & forth

Roll On.
Roll Off.

The most efficient load carrier from getting product as far upstream from a manufacturing point, to as far downstream as you can.

It’s loaded up stream, it’s rolled, its loaded downstream thus removing manual handling, increasing efficiencies.

Beverage Trays

Suitable to hold 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0L Drink Bottles

The Drink Bottle Tray enables fast replenishment of popular drinks from shed to shelf throughout your Supply Chain and increases your replenishment speed straight to the shop floor.

The Drink Tray (Combi Tray) is a revolutionary new product to the marketplace that can carry just about any common bottle shape with the very cleverly designed screw cap that locks the bottle into the Drink Tray.

There are so many benefits to this drink tray, with the first being you dont need unnecessary Cardboard and Shrink Wrap materials to hold it in place during transit. Combined with the 4 Wheel Dolly, and Retail Lean System it enables very fast replenishment from the back of store to the floor.

The Combi Drink Tray can work with a Display Pallet, or the Dolly – allowing you to mix and match your drink configurations either in a Rainbow Stack or, Single Stack flow.


✅ Fits various sized wine bottles
✅ Returnable & Stackable
✅ Stable and safe without any wrap-around
✅ Compatible with split sized pallets and dollies
✅ Suitable for automated handling
✅ Environmentally Friendly

Suitable products & solutions for the Beverage Industry

A Dairy Roll Cage being used to replenish goods

Using a AT200 MasterMover to move multiple cages together

2 Sided Roll Cage for Convenience Store Replenishment

4 Sided Roll Cages used for Airport Deliveries

Mixed Food Drinks & Beverages

Easy to use and operate

There's nothing
a Roll Cage can't carry...

Adaptful to multiple streams, channels, applications and industries – there really is nothing a Roll Cage can’t carry, including the wide range of accessories such as the Basket Shelves, Removable Shelves, Garment Rails, and much more…

Suitable products & solutions for the Food Industry

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