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Healthcare, Medical & Laundry

Products & Solutions

Retailquip has a variety of products suited for workers in the healthcare, hospital and hospitality industry trusted by companies all over Australia.

Towels & Linen

Laundry & Linen

Hotels & Cleaning Services

Hospital Medical Supplies

Linen Products

Packing Medical Supplies for Transport

Ideal for Bags, Laundry, Linen etc.

Designed for the linen and laundry sector it is narrower than the other laundry trolleys and has a split front gate make the Laundry trolley an extremely useful tool distributing linen and other products through laundries, hospitals, dry cleaners, and many other industries.

Laundry & Linen Roll Cages

The 4-Sided A frame Laundry Rollcage is specifically designed for the linen and laundry sector.

Narrower than other laundry trolleys and with a split front gate makes the Laundry trolley an extremely useful tool for distributing linen and other products through laundries, hospitals, dry cleaners, and many other industries.

The nestability of the laundry trolley makes storage easier and return logistics more efficient. Our Laundry trolley cages are extremely efficient and versatile, and can be used in many different material handling applications.

Dimensions:   1770mm (h) x 704mm (w) x 800mm (d)
Wheels:    2 Fixed, 2 Swivel (optional Brakes)
Maximum Working Load:   500kg
Unit Weight: 48kg
Nesting Increment:   5:1

Features & Benefits

✅ Split Front Gate
✅ Ideal for Linen & Laundry Items
✅ Carry Mixed Loads
✅ Fast to move & easy to access
✅ Suitable for Narrow Passageways (lifts, hallways, etc)
✅ Ideal for healthcare workers, hospitality staff etc.

Medical & Healthcare Equipment

4 Sided Roll Cage

The 4-Sided H frame Roll Cage is an extremely versatile and a popular option that is cost-effective providing useful efficiencies in a variety of different applications & operations.

Electric Tugs

Move Heavy Loads, Safely

In busy environment such as Healthcare, Hospitality & Hotels, manual handling pressures can put a strain on staff, leading to lower productivity and an increased risk of accidents. Moving loads – especially over longer distances, on uneven surfaces and around obstacles can also pose a danger to staff.

From distribution centres and warehouses to shops and retail units, Retailquip provides manual handling solutions reduce risk and provide complete control when moving goods in and out.

Our powerful yet compact SM100 and AT200 Tugs are ideal for safely and securely transporting loads of up to 2,000 kg.

Retailquip also offers electric tugs capable of moving roll cages over great distances with ease and all-terrain electric tugs for tricky to negotiate surfaces. Additional options including remote-controlled operation for complete visibility.

Retailquip has helped a number of different customers to move:

✅  Roll Cages
✅  Shopping Trolleys
✅  Rubbish Bins
✅  Pallet Cages

See some great examples of what we can move!

A Healthcare working using a SM100 MasterMover to pull a Roll Cage

A Healthcare worker using a SM100 MasterMover to move multiple Roll Cages

An AT200 MasterMover moving Rubbish Bins up/down driveways

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