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Parcel, Post & Logistics

Products & Solutions ideal for the Parcel & Post Industry

2 Stillages on Wheels, locked to a Pallet

Ideal for Loose Parcels, B2B, Online Ordering

Postal & Parcel Distribution Equipment

Postal & Parcel Distribution Equipment

Empty Units can be easily returned

Save on loading & unloading time

The HPCage

The HPC is optimized for manual handling operations. 2 folding cages are transported onto a lockable pallet with the advantage of rolling off and being used as final distribution unit.

Using the associated adaptor pallet, the unit can be double-stacked during transportation. The HPCage allows different product streams to be combined in a highly flexible solution.

How It Works

The HPCage is a combination of two folding half pallet stillages, that are transported onto a locking stackable pallet with the advantage of rolling off and being used as final distribution unit.

While using the locking pallet, the unit can be double-stacked during transportation providing extremely high vehicle fill. The platform allows different product streams to be combined in a highly flexible solution resulting in major efficiency improvements in your supply chain.

Empty units can be folded and stacked 5 times more efficiently than rigid cages both in transit and storage. An added benefit is that the adaptor pallet allows stacked Pollys to be stored at high level freeing up valuable operational space.

It is easy & fast to assemble, and fully stackable when folded or assembled. The ergonomic unit features a half drop-down gate on each side and is ideal for merchandising operations in retail locations where space is at a premium.


✅ Easy and fast to assemble or fold: one person operation
✅ Fully stackable when folded or assembled
✅ Compatible with Pallet Jacks, Forklifts, MHE
✅ Improved vehicle cubic fill in both outbound & return logistics
✅ Ergonomic unit with half drop-down gates on each side
✅ Ideal for operations where space is at a premium or high volume
✅ Australian pallet footprint (1165 x 1165)

Improved Return Logistics and Fewer deliveries with faster loading and unloading

The next generation of parcel logistics

Lightweight, Compact and Extra Storage

It’s Australian Bred, Australian Born, made for Australia conditions. Developed to integrate seamlessly into any supply chain or logistics environment – the Foldia XL is a Roll Cage like no other.

Foldia XL

Australian Flag

Manufactured specifically for
Australian Retail Conditions
1150 x 775mm Footprint

The SmartCube

High Cubic Fill, with Reduced Product Damage.

The Smart Cube Pallet Cage is a solid built cage that keeps transported goods safe & sound and eliminates the need for shrink wrap – a fact that lowers costs and enhances product visibility.

Most stillages have only half drop-down gates but the SmartCube® has also opening gates on one side, which enables loading from both sides.

The stackability of the pallet cage enable better cubic efficiency in a variety of industries, including the Parcel & Post sector, along with warehousing, storage and transport. They are designed to fit well onto forklifts, making for easy loading and unloading when products are shipping.


✅ Holds up to 1,000kg
✅ Returnable (Return Logistics)
✅ Easily Stackable
✅ Drop Down Gates for easy loading & unloading
✅ Suitable for automated handling
✅ Collapsible

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