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Simple, Quicker, Cheaper, Easier.

Retailquip has some of the most ergonomic, light weight and efficient Roll Cages WITH several configurations ideal to the Retail Industry - making it easier & faster to move your items.

We stock a variety of Roll Cages to help replenish your stock faster.

Choose from small or large size cages such as the Foldia XL (pictured).

Manufactured specifically for Australian Conditions

Compatible with Forklifts, Pallet Jacks and other MHE.

Ideal for loading in Distribution Centres, Wave Pickers, roll straight onto the Truck.

Perfect for Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Shopping Centres & more…

Foldia XL

It’s Australian Bred, Australian Born, made for Australia Retail conditions.
It was developed to integrate seamlessly into any supply chain or logistics environment.

The Foldia XL Roll Cage is one of the most efficient roll cage trolley for the retail industry – getting product as far as upstream from manufacturing point, to as far downstream as you can.

More importantly, it’s designed to fit on ANY MHE (forklift, pallet jack…) without any alteration.

Lightweight, Compact with Extra Storage

The Foldia XL Roll Cage is ideal for retail and food & beverage environments as it can be used with almost any standard Material Handling Equipment, such as a Forklift, Pallet Jack, etc and is lightweight, compact and easily extendable to suit your loading requirements making it extremely efficient.

With an Australian Footprint of 1150 x 775mm it offers optimal cubic truck fill making it ideal for all retail and food environments – i.e. supermarkets, stock picking operations, warehousing, distribution centres and more.

It is by far the most efficient nesting cage globally with a nesting increment of 5:1

Australian Flag

Manufactured specifically for
Australian Retail Conditions
1150 x 775mm Footprint

Folds away easily for storage...

Limited Storage Space?

We got you covered….

Meet the Foldia Roll Cage. Probably the only Roll Cage that you will find that can fold in half AND stores away easily when not in use.

With a nesting of 5:1 – you can bring it home on the truck or van and store it in any tight space – taking up 45% less room, than any other roll cage.

The Foldia Roll Cage

This classic 2 Sided Roll Cage is re-invented, and it’s MORE efficient, and versatile.

The Foldia Rollcage is a efficient and versatile product that is not only ergonomic with its light weight design and plastic floor , but it is also it’s nesting features which enables the user to place the empty units inside an open unit as opposed to the traditional 2 or 4 Sided Roll Cage.

Fast and Efficient

It enables fast and efficient replenishment reducing manual handling required in the supply chain, resulting in less product damage and personal injury.

With its strong construction and low maintenance costs the Foldia roll cage trolleys enable mixed loads and it’s ergonomic design reduces the need for secondary packaging and shrink wrapping.

Need more customisation?
Simply add additional shelving which can be purchased.

Move Heavy loads Safely & Efficiently

Electric Tug Solutions

In busy retail environment, manual handling pressures can put a strain on staff, leading to lower productivity and an increased risk of accidents. Loaded roll cages can be difficult to manoeuvre – especially over longer distances, on uneven surfaces and around obstacles. Loading and unloading goods using a tail lift can also pose a danger to staff.

From distribution centres and warehouses to shops and retail units, Retailquip provides manual handling solutions reduce risk and provide complete control when moving goods in and out.

Our powerful yet compact SM100 and AT200 Tugs are ideal for safely and securely transporting loads of up to 1,200 kg.

Retailquip also offers electric tugs capable of moving roll cages over great distances with ease and all-terrain electric tugs for tricky to negotiate surfaces. Additional options including remote-controlled operation for complete visibility.

Retailquip has helped retail and logistics customers to move:

  • Roll Cages
  • Shopping Trolleys
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Pallet Cages

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