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Rubbish & Waste Management

Products & Solutions ideal for managing and optimising the sorting & return of waste

Retailquip has a number of Roll Cages & Accessories that are designed to help for small loads & retail shopping outlets where space is limited OR to assist with sorting cardboard, plastics and packaging waste.

Tidy Trolley


Tidy Bag


Insert Bag


Perfect for Cardboard, Plastic, etc…

Ideal for Supermarkets & Shopping Centers

Can clip on to 2 Sided or 4 Sided Roll Cages

Small, Compact & Light Weight

Optional Branding Available

Larger Bags available for Cardboard & Waste

Ideal for Shopping Centres...

The Tidy Trolley is designed as an excellent example of an industry need resulting in a simple efficient and cost effective solution to managing and optimising the sorting and return of store waste in retail mall environments.

The Tidy Trolley

Ideal for small loads & retail shopping outlets where space is limited.

It is perfect for small shopping centres, or retail outlets where space is limited. The trolley itself is single sided, with escalators wheels allowing for easy & safe transport when going up escalators. You can hang either 1 or 2 Tidy Bags onto the frame, and/or you can also add attachments to hang plastic bags off them as well.

It has compartments for Cardboard, Polythene, Plastic etc and offers double stiching for extra strength with 2 hooks to clip onto the trolley.


✅ Small, Light Weight & Portable
✅ High Quality Bag
✅ Attaches easy to side of Trolley
✅ Travelator Wheels
✅ Compartments for Plastic & Cardboard
✅ Additional attachments available for Plastic Bags

All types of rubbish...

The Insert Bag is perfect for all types of rubbish such as cardboard, plastic, packaging waste etc… and has a large open bag to allow you to wheel straight to the bin.

It is available to purchase stand alone, or with a 2 Sided or 4 Sided Roll Cage.

The Insert Bag

Perfect for all types of rubbish, cardboard, plastic etc with a large open bag to wheel to the bin.

The Insert Bag is a alternative solution for waste management. It features a large open bag, which sits inside a 2 Sided or 4 Sided Roll Cage allowing you to store your rubbish as needed.

The Insert Bag has a much larger storage capacity eliminating the need to cart around Shopping Trolleys with rubbish, and easily integrates with your existing fleet or Roll Cages.

It is ideal for a variety of uses in both small & large shopping centre stores where rubbish is stored in a seperate area.

Optional branding with your logo on the bag, can also be added if desired.


✅ Large open bag for Rubbish & Waste
✅ Clips on easy to Roll Cage
✅ Suitable for 2 Sided or 4 Sided Cages
✅ High Quality Material
✅ Bag folds away easy for storage

Suitable products & solutions for
Rubbish & Waste Management

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