Hotel Chain purchases an Electric Tug to help safely move heavy Rubbish Bins

A few months ago, we were approached by a Hotel Chain, in Brisbane’s CBD that had a big problem moving their heavy rubbish bins on bin day. The challenge was actually not just the driveway and car park area, but also the size of these commercial steel bins supplied by the council.

Retailquip went out, on site and did a site assessment to determine the right product to suit their needs.

One of the biggest risks with safety, was moving the bin outside of the rubbish bin area, and then up the driveway. Moving the bin out, and then turning it around to go up the driveway caused a number of key Health & Safety Issues including wrist & back injuries, and not to mention the danger of moving the bins and loosing grip and it rolling down potentially hitting a car or worse a bystander.

The solution was clear, and with the help of Retailquip we worked together on a MasterMover AT200 Electric Tug to help move their bins.

Through the help of Brisbane City Council, who provided the attachment to connect the bins to our machine, Retailqup supplied a 50mm Tow Ball and the AT200 Electric Tug which would move the bins with controlled steering, and the ability to safely manouevre around the complex.

With forward & reverse controls – the AT200 also features controlled power steering, along with 2 speed settings (Fast/Slow) and a Warning Horn for attention.

It also features a Anti Crush system, so that you can’t get yourself injured in tight spaces.

Watch the Video

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