Powerful & Easy to use Electric Trailer Mover

Our Electric Trailer mover is PERFECT for Boats, Caravans, Trailers, Jet Ski's and more..... you can push, pull & steer with no licence required!

Electric Trailer Mover

If you own a Trailer (whether it be a Boat, Caravan, Horse Float OR even something bulky large & heavy) then you know the frustration that comes with moving it around the house or yard. Hitching it to the car when you need to move it, parking it, plugging in the cables, un-hitching it….. The list goes on. Then when you need to move it again you have to repeat the process all over again.
The Trailer Moving System moves trailers up to 2700kg on an even surface safely & easy.
The unit is ideal for almost any kind of trailer, ranging from standard trailers, to caravan trailers, jet ski’s, boats, … the list goes on. It’s got a powerful 36 Volt DC Electric Motor provides a high quality quite plantary gear transmission and the best part – it requires no licence.
It also comes with a On-board 36 Volt Charger and Automatic Trailer Electric Brake control system as well. There is also a quick release removable handle to make storage easier when not in use.

Trax Trailer Mover
Trailer Mover - Control Stick Speed

How Does it Work?

The Electric Trailer Mover is very easy to use.
It comes with an easy to use 50mm Tow Ball, allowing you to put your trailer/boat/jet ski (whatever the trailer is) onto the Tow Ball, and then lock it into place. The Variable Speed switch which allows you to control how fast when moving the unit around from a slow pace to a normal pace.
Simply drive the unit up to the trailer, and place the tow coupling over the tow ball like you would with any other trailer/car/truck. Then use the lever to raise the Tow Ball up and lock it into place to secure the load.

Aerial View of Trailer Mover - Tow Ball

Easily Move & Tow trailers weighing up to 2700kg!

Wide range of applications from Commercial Environments to Residential users

Ideal for Caravans, Boats & Trailers
Ideal for Caravans, Boats & Trailers
Trax Trailer Control Stick
Trailer Mover Horse Float
Trailer Mover Battery System
Trailer Mover Tow Ball



  • Powerful 36 Volt DC Electric Motor
  • High quality quite plantary gear transmission
  • Ez-Secure Loc Ball Mount
  • 50mm Tow Ball
  • Variable Speed
  • Quick Connect Battery Cable System
  • On-board 36 Volt Charger
  • Automatic Trailer Electric Brake control system
  • Quick release removable handle
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