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SM100 MasterMover
SM100 MasterMover
SM100 MasterMover

Compact Electric Tugs | SM100+

The SM100+ is a battery operated electric tug suitable for use in a range of environments. At the press of a button the Hydraulic Coupler is engaged creating an unbreakable connection. This combined with the leveraged weight transfer system and 2 powerful drive motors makes it suitable for moving 1,200 kg loads even on slopes.
With an interchangeable battery, two powerful drive motors, two speed settings and automatic braking – the SM100+ is a multi-purpose electric tug that makes moving large or heavy wheeled loads easier and safer, particularly in busy or congested areas.
Features & Benefits:

  • Unbreakable connection method
  • Stops and controls the load
  • Very easy to use the Compact Tug
  • Works on uneven surfaces and slopes
  • Tug Turns at 90 degrees
  • Reduces risk to employees
  • Compact size for space restricted environments
  • No licence required

MasterMover SM100 Application Use

Product: SM100+ Plus Hydraulic
Max Recommended Weight – Castors: 1,200 kg
Max Recommended Weight – Rails: 4,800 kg
Drive Type: Electric DC
Braking: Regenerative
Parking Brake: Electromagnetic
Drive Wheel Type: Rubber non-marking
Drive Motor Power: 2 Kw
Controller Type: 110 DC Permanent
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