4 Sided Security Trolley Roll Cage

The 4 Sided Security Trolley is a Roll Cage that features a lockable roof for security & protection along with a removable shelf.

This Security Trolley provides the ultimate protection for your goods whilst in transit with a locking function on the split front gates and rear gate.

Security Cage

4 Sided Security
Roll Cage Trolley

Keeping your goods secure while in transport, or even in storage – requires the right equipment that will protect your goods, and still move easily through your Supply Chain, or Warehouse environment. The 4 Sided Security Roll Cage is a new addition to the Retailquip fleet and provides ultimate protection for your goods whilst in transit.

This 4 Sided Security Cage now offers a fine wire mesh to prevent any items falling out or theft.

The cage also has added security and protection for your goods whilst in transit using a lockable roof, and a locking function on the split front gates, and a full rear gate.

The Security Cage also is compatible with existing 4 Sided Retailquip Roll Cages and nests together easily for return logistics, or transport.

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We have repaired Roll Cages at a number of different onsite locations such as Distribution Centres, Warehouses, Shopping Centres – all across Australia.

Since 2016, we have serviced over 225,000+ Units across Australia with record detailing Repair History, Information, Activities, Maintenance, Replacement & Salvaged Parts across a variety of customers.

With a fleet of highly equipped service vans around Australia. We carry a large amount of Roll Cage Trolley’s and spare part’s in permanent stock with experienced and fully trained engineers.

We follow Full Health and Safety Procedures, inc. Risk Assessment and On-site modifications.