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Pallet Cage

The collapsible pallet cage is both a foldable and stackable distribution stillage that can be used to handle or store your products as easily as possible. The collapsible pallet cage provides good product visibility and reduces damage to goods transported. The stackability of the folding stillage enable better cubic efficiency in warehousing, storage and in transport. They are designed to fit well onto forklifts, making for easy loading and unloading when products are shipping.

  • Fully Collapsible
  • Outward swinging Front Gate
  • Fold down rear gate
  • Strong construction
  • Easy to assemble or fold: one person operation
  • Walk in loading
  • Fully stackable when folded or assembled
  • High compatible stacking with other MHE
  • Improved vehicle load distribution both ways
  • Ergonomic unit: access from both sides
  • Good product visibility
  • Reduces damage to the goods transported
  • High Compliance with automated systems
  • No loose parts
  • Low maintenance costs
Pallet Cage Stillage 1
Pallet Cage Stillage

Smart Cube Dolly

Collapsible Pallet - Demo

  • External dimensions: 1017 x 1224 x 1210 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 895 x 1102 x 989 mm
  • Weight: 93kg
  • Maximum working load: 1000kg
  • Nesting height: 400 mm
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