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Our 4 Wheeled Distribution Dolly range improves your supply chain efficiency and fit a variety of different trays from Tote Boxes, Butcher Tubs, Cardboard Sleeves and other crates of different sizes.

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Combo Tray Example

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4 Wheeled Tray Dolly

Tote Distribution Dolly

Tote Distribution Dolly

Distribution Dolly

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Browse our range of Distribution Dollies below...

Bread Crate Dolly

The Bread Crate Dolly has a strong tube metal construction, it fits a range of bakery trays and crates. The Bread Crate Dolly improves supply chain efficiency and OHS standards.

It fits a range of bakery trays and crates and has a strong tube metal construction.
Available in single or double, it features 4 swivel castors, each 125mm and sealed precision stainless steel roller bearings.

Weight:  16.5kg
Dimensions:  1200 x 695 x 189mm
Max working load:  250kg
Stacking Height:  151mm

4 Wheeled Tray Dolly

The 4 Wheeled Tray Dolly is a lightweight & durable wheeled platform that fits a variety of different trays, tote boxes, butcher tubs, cardboard sleeves, and other crates of different sizes. The efficiency of these 4 wheeled tray dollies provide material handling solutions, improving supply chain efficiency and keeping up with strict occupational health and safety standards.

The Dolly is ideal for Warehouse applications and Distribution centres and can also be integrated with Display Shelf packaging allowing you to roll your products directly from the Supplier or Warehouse, straight to the shelf….

It is also useful for other applications such as Beverage Trays or Wine Trays. or automated order picking.

Tote Distribution Dolly

The Tote Distribution Dolly is a lightweight & durable 4 wheeled platform that fits tote boxes, beverage trays, butcher tubs, cardboard sleeves, and various crates of different sizes. Tote distribution dollies are lightweight & durable units that improve supply chain efficiency and OHS standards.

By using Tote distribution dollies in your Warehouse, or DC it provides material handling efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

They fit beverage trays, tote boxes, cardboard sleeves, butcher tubs and are also suitable for automated order picking. Tote distribution dollies also stack on top of each other for efficient storage and return logistics.

It has 2 fixed, and 2 swivel wheels, and anti-slip strips to prevent load movement.

Weight: 10.2kg
Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 198 mm
Maximum working load: 500kg
Stacking Height: 164.5mm

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