Collapsible Stillage

Our Smart Cube - Pallet Cage & Big Box allows you to easily Walk in One Side, Fold Down the other Side giving you Single or Double footprint and cubic efficiency.

Trusted by over 200 Australian Companies, allowing them to reduce handling in the Supply Chain, Save up to 80% Space and avoid personal injury.

Smart Cube Pallet Cage


Smart Cubes on Truck Loaded


Pallet Cage Stillage


Pallet Cage - BIg Box Stillage

2 Sizes to choose from

Big Box Pallet Cage in Pallet Racking

Maximise your storage

Smart Pallet Cage Cube - Doors Open

Easy Access

Choose from 2 Models Available

Smart Cube Pallet Cage

Smart Cube Pallet Cage

Big Box Pallet Cage

Big Box Pallet Cage

Which Pallet Cage is right for me?

SmartCube Pallet Cage

Collapsible, Foldable & Stackable with Drop Down Gates

Product Code:   ST143A

The Smart Cube Pallet Cage is a solid built cage that keeps transported goods safe & sound and eliminates the need for shrink wrap – a fact that lowers costs and enhances product visibility.

Most stillages have only half drop-down gates but the SmartCube® has also opening gates on one side, which enables loading from both sides.

The stackability of the pallet cage enable better cubic efficiency in warehousing, storage and in transport. They are designed to fit well onto forklifts, making for easy loading and unloading when products are shipping.

The collapsible pallet cage is both a foldable and stackable distribution stillage that can be used to handle or store your products as easily as possible. The collapsible pallet cage provides good product visibility and reduces damage to goods transported.

Pallet Cage Stillage
Smart Cube Folded Down Stillage
Smart Cube Pallet Cage
Smart Cube with Gates Open
Smart Cube Pallet Cage
Smart Cubes on Truck Loaded
Stillage Dolly

Pallet Dolly

Dolly with Pallet Cage


Color Coded Plastics

Company Brad Coded Plastics


1135mm (h) x 1122mm (w) x 1135mm (d)

Maximum Working Load:   1,000kg
Unit Weight: 77kg

Big Box
Jumbo Pallet Cage

Highly Efficient Truck Fill and Space Saving with maximized storage.

Product Code:   ST144

The Big Box is a relatively new product that are ideal for companies wanting to reduce OHS in the workplace, but also maximise cubic efficincy in their logistics at the same time.

Just like the Smart Cube (above), the Big Box Pallet Cage is also a foldable and stackable distribution stillage that can be used to handle or store your products as easily as possible. It is designed to replace loose loading between terminals and to improve terminal handling while keeping highly efficient truck fill.

It’s construction offers:

  • double stacking
  • easy tipping
  • walk-in access
  • space saving in warehouse & during transport
  • maximized internal dimensions due to thin but strong wall construction

With a Walk-in access and easy to operate by one person, it is suitable for internal and external use and safe to operate.

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Ongoing Sales & Service - Australia Wide

We have repaired Roll Cages at a number of different onsite locations such as Distribution Centres, Warehouses, Shopping Centres – all across Australia.

Since 2016, we have serviced over 225,000+ Units across Australia with record detailing Repair History, Information, Activities, Maintenance, Replacement & Salvaged Parts across a variety of customers.

With a fleet of highly equipped service vans around Australia. We carry a large amount of Roll Cage Trolley’s and spare part’s in permanent stock with experienced and fully trained engineers.

We follow Full Health and Safety Procedures, inc. Risk Assessment and On-site modifications.