Postal, Parcel & E-Commerce Equipment

The Polly has been developed as the next generation of Postal / Parcel distribution, ideal for eFulfilment and small picking orders or fast moving goods.

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Postal, Parcel & E-Commerce Equipment - 1

2 x Folding Stillages

Postal & Parcel Distribution Equipment - 2

Half Drop Down Gate

Postal & Parcel Distribution Equipment - 3

Ideal for Loose or Bulky Items

Postal & Parcel Distribution Equipment - 3

Fully Stackable & Forkable

Polly Post & Parcel with Envelopes

Load Versitility

Parcel & Postage - E Commerce Logistics - Polly Trolley - 1

Folds away easy for storage or  Transport

Eliminate un-necessary sorting & re-sorting!

The Polly & Adaptor Pallet
The Polly

How does the Polly work?

Postal & Parcel Equipment
eFulfilment, Picking, B2B Orders & more...

The Polly is a foldable roll container optimized for manual handling operations.

Using the associated adaptor pallet, the unit can be double-stacked during transportation providing extremely high vehicle fill both outbound and reverse logistics. The platform allows different product streams to be combined in a highly flexible solution resulting in major efficiency improvements in your supply chain.

Empty units can be folded and stacked 5 times more efficiently than rigid cages both in transit and storage. An added benefit is that the adaptor pallet allows stacked Pollys to be stored at high level freeing up valuable operational space.T

The Polly has been developed as the next generation of postal / parcel distribution ideal for eFulfilment.

Two folding stillages are transported onto a locking stackable slave pallet with the advantage of rolling off and being used as final distribution unit.

It is easy & fast to assemble, and fully stackable when folded or assembled. The ergonomic unit features a half drop-down gate on each side and is ideal for merchandising operations in retail locations where space is at a premium.


External Dimensions: 1000mm x 600mm x 1140mm
Internal Dimensions: 962mm x 518m 972mm
Unit Tare Weight: 51kg
Finish: Zinc electro-plated + lacquer
Safe working load: 500kg
Loaded Units (13,5m trailer) 52
Stacked Units (13,5m trailer) 260
Max Stacking (loaded on a pallet) 2 High
Max Stacking (nested) 5 High

Castor Size: Ø 100mm
Type: 2 fixed, 4 swivel
Wheel tread: CPD, PU, Sandwich or Rubber

Adaptor Pallet

External Dimensions: 1023mm x 1203mm x 169mm
Unit Tare Weight:
Safe Working Load:

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We have repaired Roll Cages at a number of different onsite locations such as Distribution Centres, Warehouses, Shopping Centres – all across Australia.

Since 2016, we have serviced over 225,000+ Units across Australia with record detailing Repair History, Information, Activities, Maintenance, Replacement & Salvaged Parts across a variety of customers.

With a fleet of highly equipped service vans around Australia. We carry a large amount of Roll Cage Trolley’s and spare part’s in permanent stock with experienced and fully trained engineers.

We follow Full Health and Safety Procedures, inc. Risk Assessment and On-site modifications.