Bakery Cart | Bread Trolley Roll Cage

Bakery Roll Cage | Bread Trolley

Product Code:   RC111 + RC241

The Bread & Bakery trolley roll cage was specifically designed for carrying Bread in the Bakery and Retail Supermarket sector. The Bread trolley is an extremely useful tool distributing bread and other bakery products through bakeries, supermarkets, warehouses, and many other industries.

The nestability of the bread trolley makes storage easier and return logistics more efficient. Our Bread Trolley roll cages are extremely efficient and versatile, and can be used in many different material handling applications.

They are easily foldable and with the removable shelving – allows you to change your shelving requirements to add more or less based on your product size, shape for maximum display.

Please note, Bakery Trays are not included. 

Bakery Bread Trolley
Bakery Bread Trolley
Bakery Bread Trolley
Bakery Bread Trolley
Bakery Bread Trolley
Bread Tray Trolley


Our Bread Roll Cage Trolley enables fast and easy access to bread inside.
Strong construction with very high quality wheels and forks granting low Bread Trolley maintenance costs
The Bread Trolley will minimise manual handling resulting in less damage and personal injury
Our Bread Trolley enables mixed loads
Small turning radius to suit narrow passageways
The Bread Trolley allows for removable/configurable shelves
Retailquip Provides ongoing repair and maintenance capability

1 fixed shelf
Castors 2 x swivel & 2 x fixed
Wheels with sealed precision stainless steel roller bearings.
Two restraining straps with hooks
Nestable H Frame

Dimensions: 1770(h) x 800(d) x 760(w) mm
Weight: 39kg
Maximum working load: 400kg
Loading volume per roll cage ca 1m³
Nesting increment: 156mm

Removable Shelf
2 Sided Roll Cage Accessory Blue Cover
Braking Forks

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