Our Basket Shelf accessory allows you to Mix & Match Shelving Combinations and is Ideal for Small or Loose Items during packing or transport.

Roll Cage Basket Shelf Accessory
Basket Shelf at Supermarket
Basket Shelf Trolley - Warehouse 10
Basket Shelf Trolleys
Basket Shelf Trolley - Warehouse 6
Basket Shelf in back dock
Basket Shelf Trolley - Warehouse 2

The perfect solution for small or loose items, displaying stock, transporting and storing goods in just about any commercial setting.

Many Applications Available

Product Code:  RC255

Our Basket Trolley Shelving accessory is recommended for those who own or operate retail locations, warehouses and laundry facilities.

Boutique owners choose our wire trolley baskets because they are ideal for displaying fashion accessories such as belts, scarves, headbands and so much more. Bakery shop owners prefer them for displaying their baked goods and commercial launderers use them to keep small garments organized.

Custom Shelving to suit your Requirements!

The best thing about our roll cage basket shelf accessory is that you can easily adjust them according to your specific display or storage needs. Not to mention, the see-through mesh-style design of our heavy duty wire baskets allows you to view the contents in order to save time and simplify storage.

These trolleys aren’t only used as ready display shelving, they also make it incredibly easy to transport products directly from the delivery truck to your storage area or the display room floor.

Nested easily for Storage

When not in use, you can easily stack the Basket Shelves together by nesting the units together (placing them on top of one another) for storage, taking up less space on your show room or warehouse floor.

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