Laundry Trolleys

Product Code:   RC161

The Laundry trolley roll cage was specifically designed for carrying linen in the laundry sector. Being narrower than the other laundry trolleys and having a split front gate make the Laundry trolley an extremely useful tool distributing linen and other products through laundries, hospitals, dry cleaners, and many other industries.

The nestability of the laundry trolley roll cage trolleys makes storage easier and return logistics more efficient. Our Laundry trolley cages are extremely efficient and versatile, and can be used in many different material handling applications.

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Laundry Unloading Rollcage
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  • Laundry roll cages trolleys enable fast and easy access to linen inside.
  • Strong construction with very high quality wheels and forks granting low rollcage trolley maintenance costs
  • Laundry roll cages minimise manual handling resulting in less linen damage and personal injury
  • Laundry roll cages enable mixed loads
  • Small turning radius to suit narrow passageways
  • The laundry roll cage Satisfies the extremely specific and strict laundry industry standards for transport equipment
  • Ongoing repair and maintenance capability from Retailquip

“We now have over 2000 units in operation at our Laundry. The first units were introduced in October 2006.  The units are not stored under cover – so are out in the weather – but it has not rained much for a while!

We generally have found the roll cages to perform very well in the laundry environment. Key benefits of the product for us have been the 700mm width – allowing access through standard door ways, the nesting of trolleys– allowing for easier storage and management of stock at the laundry, and spares in the trucks.

We were originally skeptical that about the light weight of the units, but they have performed well in service with limited repair problems. The light weight has been a major benefit with customers and staff finding them easy too wheel around. The modular nature of the units also allows us to keep the units in good repair by replacing anything that does break from time to time.”

Rob Priestly

Rob PriestlyDirector - Grouge Linen and Garment Services

Laundry Roll Cage, Five Nested Linen Trolleys
Laundry Roll Cage, Linen Trolley, Shelf Up
Laundry Roll Cage, Linen Trolley, Coat Hanging
Laundry Roll Cage, Linen Trolley, Both Front Gates Open, Shelf Up
Laundry Roll Cage, Linen Trolley, Both Front Gates Open
Laundry Roll Cage, Linen Trolley, Folded Open
Laundry Roll Cage, Linen Trolley, Folded Nesting
Laundry Roll Cage, Linen Trolley, Closed

  • Four-sided
  • Two fixed shelves
  • Castors 2 x swivel & 2 x fixed
  • Braking Forks
  • Wheels with sealed precision stainless steel roller bearings.
  • Split Front Gate and Full Rear Gate
  • Nestable A Frame
Braking Forks
Tidy Bag
Insert Bag
2 Sided Roll Cage Accessory Blue Cover
Laundry Garment Hanger

  • Dimensions: 1770 x 800 x 704 mm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Maximum working load: 400kg
  • Nesting increment: 235mm

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