Our Adjustable Shelf Trolley allows you to Mix & Match Shelving Combinations

Our Adjustable Shelf trolley has a sliding shelf system that is perfect for displaying, transporting or even storing goods in just about any commercial setting.

Adjustable Shelf Trolley
Adjustable Shelf Trolley
Adjustable Shelf Trolley
Adjustable Shelf Trolley
Adjustable Shelf Trolley
Adjustable Shelf Trolley

Many Applications Available

If you’ve ever had to work with or deal with shelf systems on wheels, you’ll also know that it can be a really frustrating experience.

Retailquip solves all of your problems with our Smart Shelf system!

The Smart Shelf system has been designed to be easy to use, easy to adjust, and easy to move. Anyone can adjust the shelf to their requirements and to accommodate any type of load by unhooking one end and sliding the other end up or down. Once the shelf is at the desired height, the end can simply be re-hooked and the adjustable shelf trolley move as needed.

Imagine having a number of large objects to move from one area to another in the workplace, but you’re not physically tall or strong. This is where the Smart Shelf adjustable shelf trolley will help you. Simply move the sliding shelf to a height that suits you to make the loading easier, and then load up the trolley with the goods.

Because the entire system is on wheels, it can then be rolled easily to where you need to go. Additionally, the Smart Shelf has brakes so you can control both speed and movement easily.

The Smart Shelf adjustable trolley is ideal for the following:

  • In Supermarkets and warehouses where moving a mixture of loads is required on a daily basis,
  • In the hospitality sector, where easily moved trolley units can be used by cleaning staff,
  • In hospitals, where a mixture of items need to be moved regularly on a daily basis, and where an easy to operate system that is both safe and intuitive for staff of all types is a requirements,
  • Commercial Laundry Environments – e.g. clothing, linen or towels.

Our Smart Shelf adjustable trolley system offers a wide range of uses in a wide range of environments where ease of use and flexibility is required.

Removable Shelf
Tidy Bag
Insert Bag
2 Sided Roll Cage Accessory Blue Cover
Basket Shelf
Braking Forks
  • Dimensions: 1770 x 800 x 760 mm
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Maximum working load: 400kg
  • Loading volume per roll cage ca 1m³
  • Nesting increment: 156mm

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