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Electric Tug
Rubbish Bin Mover

Our Electric Tugs allow you to easily move various sized Rubbish Bins up and down steep inclines and over long distances with the push of a button!

Easily move your Commercial/Residential Rubbish Bins up and down Steep Hills or Driveways with ease!
No more heavy pushing or pulling.
Safe for your workplace & environment.

Rubbish Bin Mover

Commercial Blocks

No more pushing or pulling heavy bins up steep driveways or inclines!

AT200 Rubbish Bin Mover

Single or Multiple Rubbish Bins

Rubbish Bin Mover using Electric Tug AT200

Move your Rubbish Bins up Steep Hills or Driveways

Installing coupling on Rubbish Bin

Custom fitted couplings

Rubbish Bin Mover - On Slope

Safe & No Licence Required

Moving heavy duty commercial Rubbish Bins

Move steel or plastic rubbish bins

Easily connect your Electric Tug to the Rubbish Bin

Heavy Industrial Equipment

Rubbish Bin Mover

How does it work?

The AT200 and AT300 Tow are Electric Tugs that allow you to connect various size Rubbish Bins and move them around safely & effortlessly.

Featuring Power Steering, Emergency Stop Button, Puncture Proof Tyres and a Warning Horn the operator can move the machine slowly and connect simultaneously without any licence required.

Controlled start acceleration gets the bins moving safely and power steering provides effortless manoeuvrability. We have a variety of different models available and larger units capable of moving heavy loads up to 80,000kg.

Simply drive the Electric Tug up to the Rubbish Bin and then connect it to the bin using the draw bar attachment. As every bin is different – some bins may have different configurations and attachments – but we would explain this to you in more detail.

Once connected, simply pull the control stick down and then using the forward/reverse paddles – the controlled acceleration will start and allow you to move the bin easily.


The machine charges its batteries from a normal standard mains powerpoint (10AMP power point).  The average recharge will take approx. 6-7 hours.

The machine has two speeds, Slow & Fast to give you better control & steering.

The slow speed, is almost a turtle-pace crawl. This gives you much better control overall when starting off.
The faster speed, is like a normal walking pace.

These speeds are set at a fixed speed, however this can be changed.
During demonstration or training we will go through this with you.

The Electric Tug is very safe, and does not require any licence to drive – just some initial training from our staff.

The machine itself has several safety features, including a Anti-Crush button incase you get stuck in a corner, a Warning Horn and also a cut off feature as the arm returns back to vertical. It also features an anti-breaking system when the controls are let go to stop it from rolling off.

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