Security Roll Cage

Product Details:


4 Sided Security Roll Cage

Keeping your goods secure while in transport, or even in storage – requires the right equipment that will protect your goods, and still move easily through your Supply Chain, or Warehouse environment. The 4 Sided Security Roll Cage is a new addition to the Retailquip fleet and provides ultimate protection for your goods whilst in transit.

This 4 Sided Security Cage now offers a fine wire mesh to prevent any items falling out or theft.

The cage also has added security and protection for your goods whilst in transit using a lockable roof, and a locking function on the split front gates, and a full rear gate. The Security Cage also is compatible with existing 4 Sided Retailquip Roll Cages and nests together easily for return logistics, or transport.

Also available for the Security Cage is the Courtesy Cover which allows you to further protect your goods by covering your trolley.