Shopping Trolley Bags

Product Details:


The Shopping Trolley Bag

Environmentally Friendly, washable & one size fits all the Trolley Bag clips inside or outside of your trolley with handles that clip together to seal the top of the bag.

Simple to use, easy to carry and keeps your groceries & shopping together all in one lockable bag.

How does the Shopping Trolley Bag work?

The Shopping Trolley Bag is a new product to the market that is environmentally friendly bag that clips to the inside or outside of your Shopping Trolley, designed to help you during shopping and at the registers when packing your items away.

You can also shop with the Trolley Bag stretched open placing your items into the bag as you shop. The elastic sides allow a “one size fits all” to most standard shopping trolleys in Australia. Simply unroll the bag and clip the handles to the sides of the Shopping Trolley.

The bag itself, is a washable natural calico material, making it strong and durable as you pack your goods into the trolley.

The Trolley Bag features a lockable/clip handles that clips the bag together preventing your items from rolling around in the back of the car, and keeping them well protected.