Retailquip Delivers over 44,000 Roll Cages

Retailquip is currently delivering over 44,000 Roll Cages to a number of major Australian and NZ retailers, supplying Distribution Centres in all states of Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.   Retailquip and their partners manufacturing capacity has enabled this volume to be manufactured and delivered within 11 weeks, shipping up to 4,500 units per week.

Retailquip’s Supermarket Roll Cage Trolleys provide a significant reduction in manual handling of product, through Distribution Centres to store shelf.

Our Roll Cages allow this major Australian Retail to pick in Aisle Friendly formats to reduce the need for multiple handling of product at back of store.  These Supermarket Aisle Friendly roll cages are picked to better match the store layouts.

These supermarket Roll Cage Trolleys serve as a multipurpose trolley for grocery, liquor and general merchandise.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient shelf replenishment
  • Reduced product handling
  • Reduced risk of product damage
  • Increased stock availability
  • Increased focus on Safety

Using a new and innovative loading process, Retailquip and our Partner K Hartwall, have been able to fit 20% more units per container effectively saving the customer 20% on the landed freight cost.

Our National service network has been responsible for unloading and commissioning these Retail Supermarket Roll Cages at delivery destinations.

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