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MasterMover Wireless Range

Retailquip features Wireless Electric Tug up to 30,000kg at CEMAT

Imaging moving that kind of equipment around your factory, or workshop. That’s what we are going to to be showing at CeMAT Exhibition In Australia 2018

30,000kg….. just think about that for a second!

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This will be the most powerful pedestrian wireless electric tug – capable of moving loads up to 30,000kg!

Designed with power steering to assist the operator in manoeuvring loads, the tug also features a robust hydraulic mast and a smart coupling system, which together with a self-levelling hydraulic system, provide maximum traction to the industrial drive wheel.

The tug’s castor guard is also self-adjusting making it safer for the user. The machine also features emergency stop buttons and an automatic braking system to maximise the device’s safety.

In addition to the increased operational efficiency, the PS3000+ has been designed with an interchangeable, side loading, industrial capacity battery system to enable continuous operation.

Come on over to our stand at the show and have a chat with us about some of the Electric Tugs that we have available to purchase.

Foldia Plus Roll Cage in Supermarket

Why is the Foldia Plus one of the best Roll Cages around?

We live in a fast past world these days…. Everyone is trying to get things out the door quicker, and more efficiently. Roll Cages are used everywhere throughout the world improving Supply Chain distribution from warehouse to shelf.

At Retailquip we are always trying to develop new ways of making it easy to go literally from Shed to Shelf quicker, and more efficently with less double handling.

Finding the right equipment that is compatible for every environment is always tricky, but where the Foldia Plus stands out is that it has adjustable sides that can be raised or lowered where space is limited.

What does it do?

It’s a Roll Cage with adjustable sides. It allows the operator to easily decrease the height of the unit where door way or movement is restricted to that of a normal full height roll cage.

Foldia Plus Animation

The sides can be fully extended to a height of 1800mm or if space is limited, reduced to approximately 1300mm. Incremental heights can also be selected.

Additional shelving can also be purchased using our Removable Shelves or alternatively there is the option of the Smart Shelf, which is a fixed shelve that slides up & down the cage to suit different load requirements.

You know what else is really great about this Roll Cage?

Believe it or not it folds in half, and is extremely light weight.

Foldia Plus Roll Cage folded in Half

Don’t just take our word for it – give us a call and let us show you how it works, or if you have any questions let us know, we’d be happy to help.

Call us on 07 3490 9600 and speak to one of our team members who can give you more details.