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New Zealand Roll Cage Warehouse Purchase

New Zealand Warehouse Stationery Roll Cage Purchase

New Zealand Stationery Warehouse finds new efficiency with Roll Cages.

With over 60 stores throughout New Zealand, The Warehouse Stationary Supply Chain Manager Contacted Retailquip in 2013 interested in reviewing the range of distribution rollcages available in Australia and New Zealand.

Referred by their colleagues at the Warehouse who have used Retailquip Rollcages for a number of years for back of store and shelf replenishment at every site they operate throughout New Zealand – Warehouse stationary commenced trials and evaluation in May/June 2014.  Selecting a number of different Roll Cage configurations, covering design and in store training  – they underwent a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation.  As a result,  they selected the 2 sided HFrame Compactainer and purchased over 500 units for distribution to all their sites.

They also purchased over 200 of the bespoke designed Tidy Bags which have been designed to hang on the side of the Rollcage and are used to segregate plastic and cardboard packaging during the shelf replenishment process.  This has greatly assisted the efficiency of both shelf replenishment and refuse segregation through the entire path of distributing over 8,000 products to shelf.

The Central Operations Manager said to Retailquip “The Cages are working really well in our stores.  We have gained efficiency throughout our store network and ability for replenish in category’s has increased which benefits the customer.  Very adaptable units for us, and provide speed and quality of product to the shelf”.

Rollcage Airport Rollout

Retail Roll Cages on Rental to assist with Stock Move

Last week, Retailquip was pleased to assist with one of the chains operating in Australia’s largest airports – Sydney International Airport – to significantly simplify the distribution of products to their shopping outlets.

Contacted at the last minute, just under 100 Stock Distribution Cages were made available from our Brisbane warehouse,  picked up that day and were in operation on site within 24 hours.

For what is typically used on Pallets, and Forklifts our stock distribution Rollcage fleet were able to easily move large quantities of products to shelf – we provided our Stock Distribution Rollcages – to move electronic products dropped at the receivables dock at Sydney Airport to various outlets.

Our fleet of Rollcages, (which are now available for hire) allowed this retailer to move their stock efficiently, safely and quickly.

Another way Retailquip was able to Simplify the Supply Chain.

Rollcages Loading Truck

NSW Home Depot orders 100 Roll Cages

Retailquip is pleased to provide a recent order to a well known Home Depot Supply store in NSW, for 100 4 Sided H frame Roll Cages to improve management and efficiency of the back of house and daily replenishing.

Supplying a huge range of well-known brands and quality home wares, from cutlery sets and Christmas lights, to pet supplies and party decorations – the 4 Sided H frame Roll Cages allows the staff to save time and easily transport goods throughout their warehouse.

Our Roll Cage was spotted at another supermarket – which prompted them to contact us and enquire about our range of products.

You can read more about our Stock Distribution Rollcages here…..

Rollcage Supermarket Order

Retailquip Delivers over 44,000 Roll Cages

Retailquip is currently delivering over 44,000 Roll Cages to a number of major Australian and NZ retailers, supplying Distribution Centres in all states of Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.   Retailquip and their partners manufacturing capacity has enabled this volume to be manufactured and delivered within 11 weeks, shipping up to 4,500 units per week.

Retailquip’s Supermarket Roll Cage Trolleys provide a significant reduction in manual handling of product, through Distribution Centres to store shelf.

Our Roll Cages allow this major Australian Retail to pick in Aisle Friendly formats to reduce the need for multiple handling of product at back of store.  These Supermarket Aisle Friendly roll cages are picked to better match the store layouts.

These supermarket Roll Cage Trolleys serve as a multipurpose trolley for grocery, liquor and general merchandise.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient shelf replenishment
  • Reduced product handling
  • Reduced risk of product damage
  • Increased stock availability
  • Increased focus on Safety

Using a new and innovative loading process, Retailquip and our Partner K Hartwall, have been able to fit 20% more units per container effectively saving the customer 20% on the landed freight cost.

Our National service network has been responsible for unloading and commissioning these Retail Supermarket Roll Cages at delivery destinations.